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Unique Taj and Agra Tour

September 28, 2019

From the moment I landed I was in communication with Babloo from TM cabs. I was nervous I was going to miss my pick up because my flight was delayed, but Babloo assured me it would not be a problem and the driver would be there for me with a sign waiting anytime I came in.

PHEW! I found him right away and off we went towards Agra. When we arrived in Agra we picked up the the English-speaking guide and headed towards the Taj Mahal. The guide was fluent in multiple languages and was very passionate about the history of Agra and the Taj Mahal. What I loved especially about this private tour was the tour really was whatever I wanted it to be. After touring the Taj Mahal we then went to the red fort of Agra which was incredible, def recommend it. It provides views of the Taj you would never imagine. We then went to a marble making factory where they show you how they do the marble inlays that are on the Taj which was very informative. They do try and sell you marble but also don’t mind if you don’t buy. I did not and it’s all good! Though gorgeous work, it’s just not really my jam.

Now my favorite part of the tour and this may not be for everybody but I am a photographer and one of my main goals in coming to India was to take photos of people. Babloo took me to a Local mausoleum which was on the river and you could watch the water buffaloes and there were a lot of local people around playing games and just living life. He toured me through some of the villages and I helped a man make some pottery and took a ton of photos and it was just a one-of-a-kind unique experience. Oh I almost forgot ! We went to the gardens that are across the river from the Taj Mahal. The view from this side is very different . Majestic.

Now, THE FOOD! We went to a beautiful hotel with a delicious buffet. Probably the best Indian food I have ever had. If that isn’t your thing they had all different types of food. This tour was well worth it . I highly recommend it !

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